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What style of Meditation works for me?

There are many kinds of meditation techniques, but most fall into one of two categories: concentrative and mindfulness. During concentrative meditation, attention is focused on a single sound, an object, or ones breath; to bring about a calm, tranquil mind. During mindfulness meditation, the mind becomes aware of but does not react to the wide variety of sensations, feelings and images tied in with your current activity. By sitting quietly and allowing the images of your surroundings to pass through your mind without reacting to or becoming involved with them, you can attain a calm state of mind.

Meditation is an effective self-care technique that can be a useful part of your health care program.

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Keeping your spine straight

Correct posture (keeping your spine alined) is an important factor in practicing sitting yoga/calisthenics (body weight) workout programs. Whether you are on the floor or in a chair make sure your lower spine is straight, and the abdominal muscles are pulled in gently. The ribcage is slightly lifted, and the upper vertebrae are stacked on top of the lower spine.  Keeping the shoulders relaxed gently pressed down and back in a natural way. The cervical vertebrae of the neck are straightened, and the neck gently stretches upward. The chin is parallel with the floor and gently tucked in. The head is in line with the spine. If you are in a chair make sure the lower spine and hips are in balance with your feet flat on the floor.  Be mindful of straightening the lower spine, feeling the vertebrae lined up properly, keeping your crown tall and your chin in with light pressure in the mouth if you feel tension, gently rest your tongue behind the top part of your teeth on your gums and breathe with ease.

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Know your Goal

Making goals or even a new years resolution on the 1st of the year might seem cliche but the key is to keep that goal in mind at all times.  A few valuable things to keep in mind when creating goals, especially when they are related to sports/fitness are to be specific to what you are trying to accomplish. Be realistic use measurable values